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LCA is proud of the partnership with the Salerno Restaurant Group for dining services. Our mission is to provide food that nourishes both the body and the mind and fuels productive learning. Our new dining service will provide a variety of freshly made, quality whole foods that are not processed—there will be no food dyes, corn syrups, artificial ingredients, or unhealthy preservatives.

After all—brain development and growth depends on well-balanced nutrition.

Along with our new dining service comes the ability for you to order your child’s lunch online and load money into your child’s account, where you can also monitor what he or she is purchasing. Furthermore, this system enables you to enter your child’s dietary needs and allergies.

We are offering a package deal for the entire school year at $700 per student. Each child will receive a hot lunch made from the freshest ingredients, each day that school is in session. A savings of $65 per student. The yearlong package incentive program must be purchased by October 1, 2016.

This year we will be utilizing a pre-order system through www.myschoolaccount.com. Our daily hot lunch option will be priced at $4.25 for all lunches ordered in advance. “Day of” purchases are still available, though students wishing to purchase “day of” meals will be charged $4.75. Orders must be placed by the 15th of the previous month in order to receive the pre-order discount (i.e. orders for the month of October must be placed by September 15th.)  All lunches will be sold at $4.25 through the end of September.

Lago Dining Services will continue to provide a reduced lunch program to qualifying families.  Applications for the reduced program must be submitted by September 9, 2016.  Participation in the reduced program will require a screening process that includes submission of your family’s financial information sufficient to determine need, a public records search and may require confidential interviews with parents applying for aid. Please note that the reduced lunch program is subsidized entirely by Lago Dining Services and is no way associated with the National School Lunch Program administered by the Food and Nutrition Service division of the USDA.

Take a virtual tour of our dining hall.

Dining Service Email Account:  dining@lcasaints.com

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