Extended Curriculum

At LCA, we recognize the partnership between families who are the primary educators of their children and teachers who facilitate learning in the classroom. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders by proving the highest quality academic and religious education through an innovative and challenging curriculum.

Lakewood Catholic Academy’s enrichment program grew out of the belief that each child is an individual—we must strive to reach each child in a way that uniquely reflects his or her particular needs and abilities.

What is the Extended Curriculum Program?

The Extended Curriculum Program is cross-curricular and is designed for students who receive a 125 or higher on the CogAT Composite Standard Age Score (SAS) and students whose scores on the Measures of Academic Progress tests indicate consistent need for academic enrichment outside of the regular classroom.

Students are pulled out of the regular classroom for 2 or 3 periods each week and are expected to complete missed assignments.

What does the Extended Curriculum Program entail?

This program is for students in grades 2-5, designed to meet the needs of students who have exceptional academic ability. We enrich their elementary curriculum. 1 day per week in our Learning Lab, students meet for 2-3 consecutive periods where all subject areas are integrated, emphasizing problem-solving, higher-level thinking, & student-generated projects. Your child will be expected to focus, work independently and collaboratively, and be open to new challenges.

Who facilitates/teaches these special programs?

Kathy O’Toole – “When the extended curriculum program began several years ago I was very fortunate to get in on the ground floor with Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Arbeznik. I love working with the 2nd and 3rdgrade extended curriculum students. It is a privilege to teach these students in a small group setting.”

 Lisa Friel – “The attributes of the IB Learner Profile come ALIVE everyday in the Learning Lab. Here, students challenge themselves to be open-minded thinkers, to communicate their knowledge and inquiries, and to take risks. We embrace challenge, reflect on failure, problem-solve, and try again. I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work with the ECP team and especially for the guidance offered by my mentors, Kathy O’Toole and Eileen McGuire.”

Is my child guaranteed to be in the program the following year(s) if he or she was in it the previous year?

No. In most cases students who consistently meet our highest criteria (see test scores above) and who are able to handle the responsibility of completing missed assignments will be placed in the program each year.  In other cases, especially related to enrichment classes, students are re-evaluated each year. Keeping these groups flexible allows us to offer enrichment opportunities to qualifying children each year.

You are always welcomed and encouraged to contact your child’s teacher via email with any questions or concerns: 

Kathy O’Toole – kotoole@lcasaints.com  
Lisa Friel – lfriel@lcasaints.com


Want to know more?

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