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What Are People Saying?

  • When I share my passion for Lakewood Catholic Academy with others I always say the same thing . . . My children's lives will forever be shaped by their time at this school. Their foundation, their faith and their friends are deeply impacted by their LCA experience. I am confident they will be better human beings for it. Providing them with the opportunity to attend LCA is one the greatest gifts we are giving them as parents.

    Margie Wright-McGowan, Parent

  • We are absolutely thrilled with the education that our three daughters received from Lakewood Catholic Academy. The preparation they received for the transition to High School was excellent which allowed them to continue to excel.

    Ken Rogozinski, Alumni Parent

  • Lakewood Catholic Academy offers a world class education. The reason we love the school is that it prepares them to leave the world a much better place than they found it!

    Wayne Wallace, Parent

  • The Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine are so very proud of the excellent education being offered at Lakewood Catholic Academy. LCA is extending our ministry in education which the sisters did for so many years at Saint Luke's and Saint Augustine Academy. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive!

    Sister Marian Durkin, CSA

  • I am proud of Lakewood Catholic Academy! Since the school was founded, it has gone from strength-to-strength, with excellent academic, athletic and arts programs. Financial aid opportunities have been expanded too. When I meet Catholic parents, I always encourage them to consider LCA. The school is an asset to the entire community!

    Mary Ann Henderson, Community Volunteer

What’s New With Us?

Lakewood Catholic Academy
Lakewood Catholic Academy shared City of Lakewood, Ohio - Municipal Government's photo.Jun 22, 2017 @ 4:26pm

THANKFUL THURSDAY - Today we are thankful for our beautiful community and LCA's beautiful campus in Lakewood.

Cosmo Lamer Its just you
Jeovanna Drapac Nice shot
Michelle Lynn Holy saturation, Bateman!
Nick Bogart Just you for sure.
Nick Bogart And everyone I know that was there, including myself, was highly disappointed with the event.
Mark Sani Love it
Mike Martini Sabrina Karl, Dean Wadd
Ben Krutko Another fantastic local event! Looking forward to Summer Meltdown and Fourth of July fireworks.
James Ross Beth this is lakewood park.
Meghann Gross Redd Colleen Milligan Gross Molly Marie Kathy Gorey Zacharyasz Hillary Charlotte
Kay J Bowen It's just you. I think you need to learn shapes again lol
Sara Reilly This is amazing. Such a fun community event.
Christine Weiseman Very cool picture!
Tana Doty Gargalianos Great photo! Sad I had to miss it because of work. We went last year and enjoyed it for the brief time we were there. One of the many things I love about our city!
Alex Belisle So, that's who was flying that drone!
Laura Bardwell Whitkofski Thank you to the staff of the City of Lakewood, Ohio - Municipal Government. The park was in beautiful shape, as usual. It was nice to see so many groups there and we enjoyed the live music. Sure, the food lines were long - there were scores of people in front of us - but we were served in 25 minutes. (Compared to last night when we went to Barrio on Madison and willingly waited 50 minutes for a table, so it's all about perspective.) We expected a crowd, and we were happy to see that the city showed up to enjoy each other's company. Well done.
Mary Breiner Lakewood Ohio rocks.
Dan Morgan What Mary said!
Harry Frank Just you
Stephanie Stavrenos Jason Stavrenos you were right
Maria Gerstenberger J. Michael Gerstenberger Sara Williams I see us! 😂
Kate McCarthy Heart shaped? I think you all have officially jumped the shark (though it probably has already happened, many times over).
Jun 18, 2017 @ 9:21am
Happy Father's Day to all of our LCA Dads - you're one in a minion! lkwdcatholic photo
LCA Green Ribbon School Award Winner
May 8, 2017
U.S. Secretary of Education Names Lakewood Catholic Academy a 2017 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School   The...Read More